Our Office’s Main Fields of Work, Services Provided and Work Experience

Ersoy Law Office

Ersoy Law Office has been active almost in all important areas related to all important laws and regulation in effect in Turkey during more than fifty years of its activities.

Both consulting and litigation activities were in general related to projects being implemented by companies or joint ventures and consortia formed by companies.

Besides these, Ersoy Law Office was involved also in legal disputes between individuals and/or between individuals and public entities. Further, there were legal issues for which public administrations sought Ersoy Law Office’s assistance for the legal evaluations needed due to disputes between the administration and the contractors.

In fact, tens of cases have been defended in especially institutional arbitration and in some instances ad hoc arbitration.

For the provision of this legal support, Ersoy Law Office provides all or some of the following legal services depending on the need of the subject at hand or the Client:

Endeavoring to ensure that the intended implementation is realized fairly by providing consultancy services both for drafting a contract and clarifying risk issues at the initial stage of all kinds of legal relations in national or international matters;

Providing all kinds of legal assistance during the preparation, acceptance and implementation of work contracts for the realization of private law and public law projects of real and legal persons, obtained through tender procedures or by negotiation;

The establishment of various cooperation systems, including Joint Venture and Consortiums, for the realization of important national or international Projects;

In cases where national or international disputes arise between the parties due to legal relations, taking the necessary steps to resolve them by amicable settlement or conciliation, as far as possible, before initiating a lawsuit in Courts or Arbitration;

Advising, arbitrating, or representing clients as attorneys in Court or Arbitration proceedings;

When necessary, protecting the rights of clients at the Regional Courts of Justice and Regional Administrative Courts, the Court of Cassation and the Council of State as higher courts;

When the decisions after the lawsuits become final, taking the necessary initiatives at the Enforcement Authorities and fulfilling the rights;

Taking initiatives for the protection and fulfillment of Client rights before the Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights, when necessary.

Some of Our Office’s Specific Fields of Work and Experience